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10, Smartphone Car Camera. Pearl RearVision - A solar-powered dual HD camera that uses a license plate frame as its mounting bracket.
9, Ultimate Parallel Parking. Omnidirectional Wheels - Rotates 360 degrees on the spot and moves in all directions.
8, Transformer. Letrons - A car that transforms into a robot.
7, Dental Assistant. Dental Machine - Helps speed up dental operations.
6, Mini Heart Surgery. Harpoon Medical - Transforms a traditional open heart mitral valve surgery from a complex 3-6 hour operation to a 60-minute procedure.
5, Multifunctional Wheelchair. Power Wheelchair - Lets you autonomously transition to a bed, and from a bed, and independently board and disembark from minivans.
4, Laparoscopic Surgery. FlexDex - Never transmits the tremor of hands to the shaft, so the instrument does not jerk.
3, Sign Language Translator. SignAloud - Gloves that transliterate sign language into text and speech.
2, Head Transplant. Human head transplantation - Involves the grafting of one organism's head onto the body of another as well as the complete separation of the head from the body.
1, Eco-Friendly Burial. Promession - Utilizes liquid nitrogen to crystalize the body, which then will be disintegrated into particles within minutes. The powdered remains are put into a coffin made from corn or potato starch and sealed.
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10, Flyable Wearable Camera. Nixie - With a gesture, it takes off, captures the moment, and comes right back.
9, Smartphone Microscope. Nurugo Micro - Attaches to your smartphone.
8, Plastic Rope Generator. Plastic Bottle Cutter - Turns plastic bottles into convenient universal handy ropes.
7, Vegetable Noodle Maker. KitchenAid Spiralizer - A stand mixer attachment that offers nine combinations of spiralizing, slicing, peeling and coring.
6, Artificial Gills. Triton - Lets you breathe underwater by utilizing the Artificial gills technology. A fully-charged battery enables 45 minutes of underwater pleasure.
5, Handheld Rust Remover. cleanLASER - Strips away rust.
4, Self-Parking Chair - Monitors a hand clap sound and moves itself back into its rightful position, keeping your office room neat and tidy.
3, Gym Whale. Magic Leap - A software development kit for advanced visual computing that lets developers build augmented reality experiences on its platform.
2, Survival Shelter Bed. Earthquake-Proof Bed - A bed that protects a sleeper in the event of a serious earthquake by dropping inside its frame.
1, Throwing Fire Extinguisher. ELIDE - Lets you throw it into any fire to put it out immediately.
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10, Wallpaper Playing Videos. Wallpaper TV, 55-inch OLED display that is barely 1mm wide.
9, Real-Time Vasculature Display. VeinViewer, Assists hospital staffs in seeing vasculature deeper, by emitting near-infrared light against hemoglobin and project information in real-time onto the skin.
8, Complete Heart Anatomy. HeartWorks, Virtual heart for trainings. It can be rotated, sliced, broken down into its component structures, and used with a mannequin and ultrasound devices.
7, CARMAT heart, Auto-regulated total artificial heart including right and left ventricles designed to be as close as possible to the human heart.
6, Air Planes Flying through Garage. XtremeAir XA41, Allows you to perform an extremely precise control with the help of their mini-wings that rotate through a full 450 degrees in just one second.
5, Zero Gravity Vehicle. Zero Gravity, Climbs at a steep angle of 45 degree under full power where you experience 2-G, then the pilot suddenly stops a thrust, which lets you put in the weightlessness.
4, Hybrid Electric Aircraft. TF-X, Four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing hybrid electric aircraft that will make flying easier and safer than ever before.
3, Jet-Engine Powered Wing. Jetman Dubai, Jet-engine powered carbon fiber wing strapped to the person’s back, which can reach an average speed of 200 kilometers per hour.
2, Personal Flying Vehicle. Hoverboard, Flying vehicle that has traveled more than 270 meters at a height of five meters, which has been officially confirmed by Guinness as a world record on May 22, 2015.
1, Jet Turbine Backpack. JetPack, Jet turbine powered backpack that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. It is extremely light and small and can easily be carried around by the pilot.
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10, Transparent LCD Display. InnoGlass, Transparent LCD display that supports up to 4K resolution.
9, Making Objects Invisible. Rochester Cloak, Cloaking device that is built using inexpensive, everyday materials.
8, Master Chef Robot. Robotic Kitchen, Robotic hands that cook any dish with skill of master chef.
7, Sunshine Generating Water. Desolenator, Transforms seawater into drinking water using sunshine.
6, Autonomous Car Removal. AVERT, Autonomous vehicle emergency recovery tool.
5, Rain Induction Setup. Rain on request, Induces rainfall through ionization process.
4, Efficient Honey Harvester. Flow Hive, Harvest honey directly from the hive without opening the hive and with little disturbance to the bees.
3, Cool Flying CarAeroMobil, Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane.
2, Fire Extinguisher Sound. Sound Extinguisher, Low-frequency sound waves to put out a blaze.
1, Advanced Robotic Surgery. da Vinci Surgery, Enables surgeons to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control.
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